[MlMt] r5907 and Group Address completion

Lisa Sieverts lisa at lisasieverts.com
Fri Jul 29 14:36:53 EDT 2022

I already use BusyContacts in a way that is very close to what you are 
asking for.

When I right-click on one of my BusyContacts tags (which are equivalent 
to groups), I see a menu that allows me to Send Email to everyone in 
that group, and since Mailmate is my default for email, it just works:

![](cid:8FFF0D67-5564-493D-BD30-E3A0849A7F19 at lisasieverts.com "CleanShot 
2022-07-29 at 14.33.34.png")

I use this feature daily.

My apologies in advance if you already knew this and were asking for 
something else.

Lisa Sieverts
lisa at lisasieverts.com

On 28 Jul 2022, at 15:23, Henry Seiden wrote:

> Ed,
> The app I use instead of Contacts which accesses the database just 
> fine (and stores is away in its own configuration, BTW) is Busy 
> Contacts. It uses a different methodology that makes it compatible but 
> separate and more stable. It uses a tag field so you can sort on the 
> tag. I haven’t quite figured out how to find by tag AND select the 
> found items in one stroke.
> If I can do that I will be able to export that entire selection to an 
> email bypassing all the other stuff - manual selection, etc. Then 
> it’ll go straight to MailMate either in the To: or BCC: field 
> without any interaction with MailMate.
> Of course, as is MailMate only works with Contacts so we’re stuck 
> with all the flaws. It ain’t MailMate, though. I don’t we can ask 
> Benny to fix Contacts flaws. Maybe we can ask for an interface to 
> [Busy Contacts](www.busymac.com) though. What say you Mr. Wizard?
> Respectfully,
> Henry Seiden
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> Techworks Pro Co.
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> W: http://techworkspro.com
> On 28 Jul 2022, at 11:31, Edward Thome wrote:
>> On 24 Jul 2022, at 16:19, Henry Seiden wrote:
>>> I notice three things overall in my use of Contacts with MailMate:
>>> 1. In Contacts, the group name is very difficult to add or rename - 
>>> seems an app issue and not the only one in Contacts, which is why I 
>>> don’t use it. Unfortunately my preferred app, Busy Contacts 
>>> doesn’t have the same feature, it has others.
>>> 2. Expansion of the group to show emails in MailMate. In an existing 
>>> email (like this one), the group name just sits there. It isn’t 
>>> expandable to a list of names for me, while in a new (empty) email 
>>> it is. MailMate issue?
>>> 3. The dropdown in MailMate does appear for each person in the 
>>> expanded Mail list, once expanded view is showing, however alternate 
>>> emails in each contact’s info are not visible or selectable.
>> I believe that you are correct in that Contacts.app is involved.
>> I believe that if a contact card comes from more than one set of 
>> contact groups (say, iCloud, LocalISP, Gmail), then it won’t show 
>> up when the group completes. You can tell by looking at the contact 
>> in Contacts.app and looking for the entry for “cards” just above 
>> “note”.
>> If you are using a Smart Group, this can cause the address to show up 
>> twice.
>> I have my all my Contacts pruned accordingly, and it is working for 
>> me now.
>> Thanks, for the tip, Henry.
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