[MlMt] r5907 and Group Address completion

Edward Thome ethome at murraystate.edu
Thu Jul 28 11:31:52 EDT 2022

On 24 Jul 2022, at 16:19, Henry Seiden wrote:
> I notice three things overall in my use of Contacts with MailMate:
> 1. In Contacts, the group name is very difficult to add or rename - 
> seems an app issue and not the only one in Contacts, which is why I 
> don’t use it. Unfortunately my preferred app, Busy Contacts 
> doesn’t have the same feature, it has others.
> 2. Expansion of the group to show emails in MailMate. In an existing 
> email (like this one), the group name just sits there. It isn’t 
> expandable to a list of names for me, while in a new (empty) email it 
> is. MailMate issue?
> 3. The dropdown in MailMate does appear for each person in the 
> expanded Mail list, once expanded view is showing, however alternate 
> emails in each contact’s info are not visible or selectable.

I believe that you are correct in that Contacts.app is involved.
I believe that if a contact card comes from more than one set of contact 
groups (say, iCloud, LocalISP, Gmail), then it won’t show up when the 
group completes. You can tell by looking at the contact in Contacts.app 
and looking for the entry for “cards” just above “note”.

If you are using a Smart Group, this can cause the address to show up 

I have my all my Contacts pruned accordingly, and it is working for me 

Thanks, for the tip, Henry.
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