[MlMt] Recent 1.14 Test Build 5903 and Contacts integration

Henry Seiden info at techworkspro.com
Mon Jul 11 07:33:26 EDT 2022

Hi Benny,

I have noticed in prior test builds that there is a problem with 
extracting email information into M-M for an email address in 
MailMate’s Composer, To:, CC:, BCC: headers, of those Contact entries 
sorted by Company. Just got and tried r5903.

Here’s an example:
1. A contact record is sorted by Company (the checkbox selected). There 
is also a Name and a Company in the entry.
2. In MailMate, in Composer you enter that name information to attempt 
to pull in the email of an addressee. Nothing is found. However, if you 
instead enter the Company Name, then all entries with that Company Name 
are found. Moreover the Company Name is treated as person’s name and 
the last part of the Company name is parsed first.
3. When the box is checked, typing in MailMate finds occurrences of 
Freron and MailMate. Attaching the contact card in question so you can 
see the issue and possibly duplicate it.
4. If the contact card has no Company (first) checkbox entry, then the 
name is found and the email address  will be found. And the email heard 
is properly populated and shown as above, “Name” <email address> 
with a dropdown to select from the emails in the contact.
5. If the Company first box is NOT checked, MailMate will find the entry 
and populate the email address either way (company or name).

So, is this the Apple bug in Contacts that you referred to in your notes 
about r5903? If so, then it’s still the same result in this build as 
it was before. If not, then I think this is a bug of a different sort, 
relating to searching within MailMate for an email contact address with 
the Company sorting checked in the entry. In my view the sorting of the 
view should have nothing to do with the data found. Please advise.


Henry Seiden
- -
Techworks Pro Co.
E: info<at>techworkspro<dot>com
W: http://techworkspro.com

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