[MlMt] MM not fetching mail from charter.net

Henry Seiden info at techworkspro.com
Wed Jul 6 14:17:07 EDT 2022


Have you tried upgrading your version on MM? The current version is 1.14 
and there are test Builds up to r5902. Since you are using a current 
MacOS, I see no reason you shouldn’t upgrade to the latest release at 
least. The Test builds available incorporate some new functionality 
features as well.

In my case, I’m on the latest Test Build (1.14 r5902) and have no 
problem getting all mail on my 8 accounts. I do not use charter.net 

You may also want to look into junk filtering in case you are using any 
of those features. In my case again, I use a drone machine to filter all 
my accounts and run it on Mail and use SpamSieve for filtering.

Good luck.


Henry Seiden
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On 6 Jul 2022, at 13:44, Mark Gerber wrote:

> A question regarding collecting email from server (this happens, for 
> the most part, with my charter.net account):
> If I view my mail in a browser or in Mail on either iOS or MacOS 
> (12.4), I can see several emails there that I cannot see in MailMate 
> 1.13.2 (5673). That is, it might be several hours after receiving an 
> email that MailMate finally syncs those emails. In the meantime, many 
> other emails sent to that account will be synced and visible in 
> MailMate. So, while I might have 30 emails received in MailMate 
> between, say, 8:00–10:00 AM, there might be 7 or 8 received during 
> that time and are not synced until much later in the afternoon.
> Manually syncing does not retrieve those messages, either. Is there 
> anything else I can do?
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