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Thought of another solution, one I use regularly to include a list of 
BCC Contacts. It works well for me in an email. It is outside MM but I 
find it useful if I need to send to a list of contacts.

I use Busy Contact as my contact manager (instead of the built-in 
Contacts.app). I has a function to select a contact group using a 
scripted “filter” function and to select those filtered contact as a 
group to send a BCC. This function works perfectly integrated into any 
mail client and also in MailMate. So it opens up ANY contact or group 
you want to regularly BCC.

So my process is:
1. Select the Contacts you want to BCC first in Busy Contacts. Use a 
pre-built filter or just manually select them.
2. Once selected, send them to a BCC email from the Menu>File>Send Blind 
3. The email page is opened with the selected contact’s email address 
(first one in case of multiple emails) in the default email client app 
in any version of MacOS.
4. Type the email and send.

That’s my answer. I irregularly do a 70 member group email to a 
contact group as BCC (from among, in my case, thousands of potential 
contacts). Sounds like what you may be seeking. You can filter among a 
huge parameter of contact fields and/or attributes. You might want a 
free trial from [Busy Contacts](busymac.com).

Just my 2¢.


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On 1 Jul 2022, at 18:37, Randy Bush wrote:

> when i select Bcc, it presents a list.  is there something i can do to
> have the first entry in that select list be the From: address?
> randy
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