[MlMt] How to set the IMAP Path Prefix? (Goal: flat folder structure)

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> Hello,
> How do I set the IMAP Path Prefix in MailMate?

MailMate should figure out the prefix on its own, but you can set it 
explicitly with the "Hidden Preference" namespaceResponse in 
~Library/ApplicationSupport/MailMate/Sources.plist file.  Documented on 
the Hidden Preferences page of the help and in this bug report: 

The format of that setting requires an understanding of how IMAP works 
with namespaces.

> I'm connecting to a Courier IMAP server. In other email clients, I 
> have had to set the IMAP Path Prefix to `INBOX` for my folders to 
> display correctly.

This attribute added to the relevant source stanza in Sources.plist MAY 
work for you:

namespaceResponse = '(("INBOX" "/")) NIL NIL';

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