[MlMt] How to set columns and sort for all list views?

Quinn Comendant quinn at strangecode.com
Sun Jan 2 23:34:19 EST 2022

On 2 Jan 2022, at 19:07, Bob Stern via mailmate wrote:

> What version of MMt are you using?

I'm using version 1.14 (5853) on macOS 12.1, 2021 M1 Pro MBP.

I can reproduce this issue as follows:

1. Open my Inbox by clicking the Inbox folder icon in the left sidebar.
2. Apply some arbitrary column settings, e.g., right-click a column 
header and show UID and move it to be the leftmost column.
3. Right-click a column header and select "Use as Default Columns".
4. Navigate to a different folder (click in the left sidebar).
5. The new column settings that I saved are not displayed there. Also, 
if I right-click on a column header the "Revert to Default Columns" 
option is disabled.

I'm expecting an easy (or immediate, with no action required) method to 
have my column settings apply to all folders.

Instead, I have to set my column preferences manually for each folder.

I've resigned to just using the basic columns that are set with MailMate 
out-of-the-box, since it's too much effort to change them for each 
folder individually.

Maybe I'm overlooking how it should work.

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