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As Bennie says, MM is trying to help the inlining process sort it out for non-HTML users receiving text-only messages. In the case of my signature, I edited it in a dedicated editor (BBEdit), before adding the signature to my MM app. Sanitized, as you said. Hence no issue, either way - original release, new or old Test Build - in MM. 

In the case of adding HTML while composing, I can see how it would change for you depending on the version of MM Test Builds. 

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> On Aug 19, 2022, at 04:08, Benny Kjær Nielsen <mailinglist at freron.com> wrote:
> On 19 Aug 2022, at 1:42, Simon Kaplan wrote:
>> In the last few versions of MM I’ve been getting the following error as I compose:
>> Warning: CSS inlining unexpectedly failed
>> A JavaScript exception occurred
>> And I get a bright orange header bar as I’m composing that says
>> External command failed:  sanitize-html
>> Any ideas, anyone?
> The change in MailMate causing this is that MailMate now inlines CSS in your HTML signature before embedding it in the HTML of the message itself. This is actually MailMate trying to help you because a signature should not contain a stylesheet. (I've yet to see an example where someone did this on purpose. It's usually the result of using an entire HTML document as a signature.)
> That said, there might still be a MailMate bug/issue since the inlining failed. You are welcome to send me your signature (off list) and I'll see if I can reproduce it. If I can then I'll look into possible workarounds or a more graceful way of failing.
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