[MlMt] MM crashes often on M1 macbook pro

Benny Kjær Nielsen mailinglist at freron.com
Mon Aug 15 15:04:41 EDT 2022

On 15 Aug 2022, at 20:57, Glenn Parker wrote:

> No crashes on my M1 iMac here.
> You can hold down the option-key with the “MailMate” menu to access “Check for Test Build”. This will offer you a quick upgrade to the latest build (5910 as of today). There are some other non-critical issues with this build, but it’s very stable.

For the record, there are now few known crash/hang issues with the test releases and I receive very few crash reports. I do have a couple of reported hanging issues. One seems to be related to a large number of accounts and the other possibly with writing very fast in the Composer. I have not yet been able to reproduce them.

(I'll continue my work on making the test release ready to be a public release.)


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