[MlMt] Message in GMail web interface not appearing in mailmate

Henry Seiden info at techworkspro.com
Fri Aug 12 10:35:46 EDT 2022

Nice job, Eric.

FYI, in my case I have one Gmail account on my MM account. Structurally 
I’ve had difficulty with All Mail in G-World and don’t use it 
(turned off in Gmail settings).

What I do use are specific non-Gmail archive mailboxes by year dating 
back to 2021. I backup the rest locally and remove them from the server 

I also notice that the Edit Subscriptions tab in IMAP settings on 
version 1.14, Test Build r5908 no longer works. So, I just saw this 
after updating a couple of days ago and consider this a bug which I will 
report to Benny. If this happens to you, the way I cleared it was to 
call up another non-G-Mail account, load the Edit Subscriptions there 
and go back to Gmail account.

Using ONLY these G-specific default mailboxes in the sub-category list 
showing in MM inside a [Gmail] folder:
* Drafts
* SentMail
* Trash

The remainder of G-specific (default) mailboxes are turned off at the 
source settings.


Henry Seiden
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On 12 Aug 2022, at 7:47, Eric Sharakan wrote:

> On 12 Aug 2022, at 0:03, Dibson T Hoffweiler wrote:
>> On 11 Aug 2022, at 20:04, Eric Sharakan wrote:
>>>> I believe Mailmate assigns that label.  My guess is that I archived 
>>>> those emails myself in the Gmail mobile app, which put them 
>>>> somewhere Mailmate can’t access (perhaps Gmail’s 
>>>> mysterious-to-me “All Mail”).
>>> Hmm, I doubt MM would have done assigned that (or any) label.  I've 
>>> been using MM with gmail for years, and I don't have any "Archive" 
>>> label.
>>> I suspect your issue has more to do with the subscription settings 
>>> you're having trouble loading.
>> My guess was just that it moves messages to the “Archive” folder, 
>> which Gmail interprets as the “[Gmail]/Archive]” label.  But I 
>> don’t really know.
> Ahh, that might be the case.  I don't think I've ever tried to archive 
> mail in my gmail account.
>>> I suspect your problem is related to this inability to load or 
>>> control your gmail subscriptions.  Some general things to try:
>>> - Wait longer for the subscription list to load.  Walk away for 1/2 
>>> hour or so and come back and check.
>>> - Check your "IMAP access" settings in the gmail web interface.  
>>> Make sure IMAP access is enabled.  Sounds silly, but who knows?
>>> - Completely remove and re-add your gmail account in MM.
>>> I suspect that once you get the subscription list to load, you'll be 
>>> able to control exactly what MM shows.  FWIW, I subscribe to all the 
>>> mailboxes listed, except the "[Gmail]/All Mail" one.
>> Thanks for the suggestions: this time around it did load.  I added 
>> the “All Mail” “Important” and “Starred” subscriptions, 
>> which got the missing messages in, but then added some messages in 
>> duplicate (Starred) and triplicate (Starred and Important).  So I 
>> removed the gmail source, and added it back.  Same initial problem.  
>> This time I just subscribed to “All Mail” and now it all looks 
>> good.
>> Thank you, Henry and Eric, for making my first post such a friendly 
>> and helpful experience!
> Glad to hear it's working better.  If you're seeing duplicates, try 
> unsubscribing from "All Mail", while staying subscribed to the other 
> mailboxes.
> -Eric
>> Regards,
>> Dibson T Hoffweiler
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