[MlMt] Beta Downloads (was: Thanks for r5826 — Composer fix)

Alexandre Takacs a.takacs at augicom.ch
Mon Sep 27 11:21:49 EDT 2021

> This may be a question for Benny (though I am certainly interested in 
> other, learned opinions), but should Big Sur users like me check this 
> version archive periodically and update to whatever version is labeled 
> MailMateBigSur.tbz?

My understanding is that Benny is mostly working to making MM compatible 
with Monterey and some apparently taxing redesign of the composer (?).

Tbh I fear that this project is getting too complex / involved for a 
hobby. I fully understand the economics at play (and have both purchased 
& participated in crowd funding and am happy to do again) but I fear for 
the mid-long term future of MM.

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