[MlMt] Many strange behaviors since a couple of days...

Robert M. Münch robert.muench at saphirion.com
Sun Sep 19 13:06:19 EDT 2021

On 17 Sep 2021, at 13:42, Eric Sharakan wrote:

> Sorry, I just realized that you're reporting continuing problems even after downgrading back to r5820.  Sometimes I have to hit <esc> twice to completely clear a search.  The first time just clears the text like you say.
> I don't know about the other problem; hopefully Benny has some advice for you.

I have to enter return in an empty search field to get back my messages.

Mailbox search shortcut isn’t working any longer too. Not even, selecting it via the menu. Nothing happens… this is really strange.


Robert M. Münch

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