[MlMt] default mailbox for find

John Doherty jld at jld3.net
Thu Oct 28 07:47:45 EDT 2021

Following up on my own message again, I notice this in the output of 
"defaults read com.freron.MailMate":

     MmMailboxChooserBindings =     (
             long = "imap://user@foo.example.com/XXX";
             short = XXX;

Where "imap://user@foo.example.com" is the same as the value of 
MmDefaultAccount and "XXX" is the name of the smart mailbox that is 
seemingly being used as the default search target. I guess this may be 
the reason.

I also notice that the value of MmDefaultAccount is an account that no 
longer exists. That doesn't seem to be causing any problems but it's 
interesting to note.

Not exactly sure how to change this to work the way it used to and of 
course, no idea how it got to be this way.

On Thu 2021-10-28 05:24 AM MDT -0600, <jld at jld3.net> wrote:

> Hi, I often use the Mailmate feature of clicking on part of a message 
> header -- From:, Subject:, To: -- to find other messages that match. I 
> love this feature.
> Until recently, when I did that, Mailmate would select and search in 
> the "All Messages" mailbox, which is exactly what I want. But now it 
> is selecting and searching within a particular recently-created smart 
> mailbox, which is never what I want.
> No idea what I did to change this behavior and no idea how to get back 
> to the previous behavior. Does anybody have any suggestions? Thanks.

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