[MlMt] Remove from inbox but accessible

Ron B n44fqcve5s at snkmail.com
Tue Oct 26 18:25:36 EDT 2021

I suspected the answer had something to do with Archive.

So how does the Archive work? I can’t find anything about it other 
than passing mentions in the Mailmate documentation. Apparently it’s 
just another IMAP mailbox? So how do I organize stuff within the 
Archive? Do I set up Smartfolders to look at the Archive and just divvy 
it up?


On 25 Oct 2021, at 22:45, Fredrik Jonsson wrote:

> I suggest moving everything to "Archive".
> You can set up both rules and custom keybindings to e.g. move en 
> e-mail to archive and tag it.
> When I open MailMate I start with pressing "i".
>     "i" = ( "goToMailbox:", "INBOX", "makeFirstResponder:", 
> "mainOutline", "selectFirstMessageRow:" );
> I then use these four options to sort through all the mail.
>     "r" = "replyAll:";
>     "f" = "toggleFlag:";
>     "a" = "archive:";
>     "d" = "deleteMessage:";
> After this my inbox is empty.
> See 
> https://xdeb.org/post/2014/05/16/mailmate-replaces-gyazmail-after-four-years/ 
> for more on my workflow and custom keybindings.
> Fredrik

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