[MlMt] Update check fails (was: Re: Beta Downloads (was: Thanks for r5826 — Composer fix))

Greg Earle earle at isolar.DynDNS.ORG
Thu Oct 7 22:29:57 EDT 2021

On 7 Oct 2021, at 11:23, Benny Kjær Nielsen wrote:

> On 7 Oct 2021, at 19:46, Raza Rizvi wrote:
>> As a follow-up, 
>> https://docs.certifytheweb.com/docs/kb/kb-202109-letsencrypt/ 
>> suggestion of a reboot appears to correct the chained certificate 
>> issue on my home machine.
> Ah, good to know.  That also means that the software update I did on 
> my 10.15 machine was likely not really necessary to fix the issue.  A 
> reboot might have been sufficient.
> For anyone Googling this issue and then finding this mailing list 
> thread: Here's a [direct 
> link](https://docs.certifytheweb.com/docs/kb/kb-202109-letsencrypt/#macos-ios-etc) 
> to the section on how to resolve it on macOS.

Hi Benny,

I went to that link, downloaded the ISRG Root X1 cert and added it and 
changed the trust setting.  Rebooted my Mac but the old expired DST Root 
CA X3 cert was still in the System Roots certificates (along with a 
bunch of other even older expired certs).  Keychain Access wouldn't let 
me get rid of it/them.

I had to resort to

sudo security delete-certificate -c "DST Root CA X3" 

which got rid of it (and I used it to remove all the other expired 
certs), but after restarting MailMate I am still getting the "SSL 
certificate problem: certificate has expired" error from the Software 
Update check.

Not sure why.  Maybe I need to do yet another reboot?

		- Greg

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