[MlMt] List of Sent but Ignored emails

Nick Rich nrich123 at me.com
Mon Oct 4 18:01:02 EDT 2021

Apologies in advance for the simple-minded newbie questions; I have just acquired Mailmate (How noble in reason, how infinite in faculty!)

I’m hoping to build a Smart Mailbox that contains:

- Emails I’ve sent
	- Over the past n days 
		- Which have not been answered. 

Once someone replies to an email, you have a conversation, and it’s possible to keep up.
But if you send a fair few emails, it’s easy to forget that someone has ignored your question. 

This article: https://lists.freron.com/mailmate/2014-September/003121.html

tries (but I think fails) to solve the problem of ‘ tell me when a sent email has been responded to.”

I want the opposite - a list of sent email that hasn’t been responded to. 

Currently I have a tag, ‘AwaitingReply’.

I can add this to an email in the Tag menu in the Composer.

So, I have a smart mailbox, AwaitingReply, that contains sent mails with that tag.

I have another  smart mailbox, ReplyReceived, that (per the article above) matches emails whose In-Reply-To has a Message_ID in AwaitingReply. 

So what I want to do is have a rule in ReplyReceived that removes the AwaitingReply tag from the matched email in Awaiting Reply. That way, when someone replies to an email, my AwaitingReply smart box will be decremented accordingly. 

Is this possible? Or is there a more sensible way of achieving  my goal?

(If I sent an email last week, and there’s been no reply, I might reply myself with a reminder. This would remove the original email from AwaitingReply, but I would then tag the new email.) 

Many thanks for any suggestions!



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