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Thu Nov 25 11:36:02 EST 2021

On 25 Nov 2021, at 9:08, Seamus Phillips wrote:

> I found the error when trying to enable a bundle, and it wouldn’t 
> stick, but no error came up. I checked for updates and found the cert 
> error. I since downloaded bundle from GitHub, and added to mailmate 
> package manually, seems to have worked.
> I guess a similar workaround to just download any new version of 
> MailMate manually, but that is a bit of a pain. Especially for a whole 
> office.  Any help to resolve would be great.

I'm not really an expert on these certificate issues, but it has now 
come up several times on the mailing list and I guess it'll only get 
worse when more users get access to test/beta releases. Also, users 
stuck on older releases of macOS and/or MailMate will continue to have 
issues with bundles/updates.

So, I spent the day researching/relearning the handling of server 
certificates and I've now re-configured the server with a couple of free 
ZeroSSL-issued certificates for `updates.mailmate-app.com` and 
`api.mailmate-app.com`. These should no longer be affected by the 
“Let's Encrypt” issue. If this works as expected, I think it should 
resolve the update-issues for *all* releases of MailMate.

Let me know if this change does not help. State both version of MailMate 
and macOS version.

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