[MlMt] Exchange: How to add another account with same credentials as the main account

Mike Brasch mikebrasch at fastmail.fm
Wed Nov 3 05:16:54 EDT 2021

Moin Alain,

On 2 Nov 2021, at 12:36, aisrael wrote:

> I can’t answer your question, but I was interested in the Exchange 
> categories you mention, as I have tried for years to sync smart 
> mailboxes between computers. I have been able to do this just for one 
> of them, using one of the few available IMAP keywords. Can the 
> Exchange categories help? Are they defined client side or server side? 
> I guess in the second case it won’t help.

At first: Tags are mapped on IMAP keywords. You have to define tuples of 
Tag/keyword in MailMate settings. In case of Gmail they are triplets of 

Exchange-IMAP does not support IMAP kewords. But you can use DavMail as 
a local Proxy. It speaks Exchange to the Exchange server and 
IMAP/SMTP/CalDAV/CardDAV to the clients. The clients have to be 
configured to speak to This is the raw connection. The 
authentication and transport encryption is still done between client and 
server. So there is no security issue. This way Exchange categories are 
mapped automatically to IMAP keywords.

The "tricky" part is merely to "sync" the used Tags/IMAP 
keywords/Exchange categories. Unfortunately you have to do it by hand. 
But if there are only few changes over time it is easy to do.

On every MailMate instance you have to define your tuples. On your 
Exchange you can edit your Categories for instance via Outlook and maybe 
OWA. The IMAP keywords will be the Categories. There are no tupels to 
define on this side.

You just have to make sure that you do your mapping correctly on 

It may look complicated, but it is not. :) If need more 
information/help, please feel free to ask.

PS: I have attached my configuration for you (you have to change the 
server URL). It lets DavMail run in server mode. In this mode, there is 
no Menu Extra. In the past it did not run stable enough in GUI mode, but 
in server mode it is rock solid. DavMail is a kick and forget 
installation. :)

PPS: I have installed DavMail via Nix (a pure functional paket manager) 
and it starts automatically. Maybe you have to do the autostart by 

Best regards
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