[MlMt] Exchange: How to add another account with same credentials as the main account

aisrael alain.israel at pasteur.fr
Tue Nov 2 07:36:48 EDT 2021

I can’t answer your question, but I was interested in the Exchange 
categories you mention, as I have tried for years to sync smart 
mailboxes between computers. I have been able to do this just for one of 
them, using one of the few available IMAP keywords. Can the Exchange 
categories help? Are they defined client side or server side? I guess in 
the second case it won’t help.


On 28 Oct 2021, at 13:24, Mike Brasch wrote:

> Moin,
> at work we use an on-premise Exchange server that I access with 
> MailMate via DavMail. Whis works very well, including tagging (via 
> IMAP keywords or Exchange categories).
> But: how can I add an account for another mailbox, but for which I 
> have to use the same login data as for my main account?
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> Viele Grüße
> Mike Brasch
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