[MlMt] Mailing List Submailboxes - Fixing bad list-ids

Joseph P. Hillenburg jph at cobaltjacket.com
Sat May 29 20:07:33 EDT 2021

Holy cow! I agree - this change is fantastic and should become part of the regular kit. My only thought it is that it would be nice if it did deduplication. For example (see screenshot)



On 29 May 2021, at 18:55, Verdon Vaillancourt wrote:

> I haven’t checked really close, but at a glance, this makes a huge difference!
> Thank you!
> V
>> On May 28, 2021, at 12:29 PM, Ethan Schoonover <es at ethanschoonover.com> wrote:
>> Do your MailMate mailing lists also contain lots of submailboxes named things like “15c317f52899487470ba6529” ?
>> I couldn’t find an existing fix for the issue of the “Mailing Lists” smart mailbox submailbox names sometimes populating with hard-to-identify strings of alphanumerics from badly composed list-ids (the fault the the email list software generating the list, not MailMate, but still annoying to see).
>> I worked up a new submailbox “Mailbox Name Format” specifier that fixes most of these here. I’d appreciate some feedback and tests. I can refine and document it here in this list thread after a little more testing.
>> To test (these should be mostly obvious but I thought it best to be clear):
>> first make a duplicate of your existing “Mailing Lists” smart folder
>> right-click on it and choose duplicate
>> don’t edit your original smart folder (so you can revert easily). use only the resulting “Mailing Lists (copy)”
>> double click on your new duplicated smart folder “Mailing Lists (copy)” to open the edit window
>> select the the submailboxes tab
>> remove the existing “Mailbox Name Format” string
>> replace with the following:
>> ${from.address:+${list-id.description:?${list-id.description/^[a-z]*\d.*/${from.#correspondent.name:${from.address}}/}:${subject.blob:?${subject.blob:/capitalize}:${from.#correspondent.name:?${from.#correspondent.name:/capitalize}:${list-id.identifier.final-level:/capitalize}}}}}
>> I’ll break this down and document it here after some more review and changes.
>> Thanks to MailMate’s format string syntax, this was pretty straightforward.
>> Best regards,
>> Ethan Schoonover
>> ethanschoonover.com
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