[MlMt] How can I tell MM to NOT retrieve mail?

Benny Kjær Nielsen mailinglist at freron.com
Thu May 27 04:37:18 EDT 2021

On 26 May 2021, at 22:25, Jo wrote:

> My husband is a contractor, and I'm the one who does the QuickBooks stuff for him, which includes emailing invoices and estimates. I use his email for this. But I don't want to RECEIVE his email.

That's a bit unusual, but read on below.

> I have his account set to synchronize manually, but it still seems to snag them. Is it because I occasionally click on my general 'inbox' folder?

Yes, manually just means that MailMate won't fetch emails unless you somehow interact with the mailbox (selecting it, moving emails to it, etc.).

> How can I fix it such that it won't receive?

You can take the INBOX of the account specifically offline using “Mailbox ▸ Take Offline”. Or you can take the entire account offline, but then your sent emails won't be uploaded to the “Sent Messages” mailbox of the account.

But note that it can be a bit hard to see what's going on if some mailboxes are offline, e.g., if you move something from/to an offline mailbox within the account then MailMate cannot synchronize this move with the server, but it'll still look like it was moved in MailMate.

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