[MlMt] Default format=flowed change in 5800?

Benny Kjær Nielsen mailinglist at freron.com
Sun May 23 09:34:25 EDT 2021

On 19 May 2021, at 17:09, Pete Resnick wrote:

> It used to be the case that some clients did the right thing with format=flowed, but if you used quoted-printable "wrapping" to make really long lines for paragraphs, they would display them using a horizontal scroll bar. I don't know what the current state of affairs is. At least with format=flowed, you get a 72-column wrap in clients which don't support it, which is not so bad in most clients. And in clients that do support it, it looks good, even on really tiny phone screens.

I agree “format=flowed” is the best solution in theory. Maybe it would help if reference-implementations were easily available (e.g., C++ and javascript) -- including a test suite. Similar to CommonMark I guess. It might still be possible to put pressure on most email client developers to add support for at least parsing “format=flowed” correctly. That would, in time, make it easier for email clients like MailMate to default to using “format=flowed” for outgoing emails.

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