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Charlie Clark charlie at begeistert.org
Tue May 18 05:44:50 EDT 2021

On 14 May 2021, at 23:43, Bill Cole wrote:

> This is a disconcerting suggestion. Like an aircraft designer suggesting that maybe the tail rudder and flaps are not really needed and can be ditched to save weight. Maybe...

Professional cyclists are known to try this sort of thing… Marco Pantani was (in)famous for taking a file to his bike to literally shave a few grams off, presumably to compensate for the extra density due to EPO… As with many things, this was likely to bring marginal improvements at best, with potentially catastrophic results. Material science and aerodynamics have since provided greater improvements with fewer risks but at some point you reach the theoretical limits for particular situations.

In many situations the best answer is: get a bigger engine. This is easy in IT with the continued improvements in semiconductor development, processors may have stalled but improvements in memory chips keep coming along. In your case, as you noted, initially, get more memory. Just a pity that Apple has decided that this shouldn't be an option…


PS thanks to Bill for his eloquent discussion of MailMate's need for extensive indices.

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