[MlMt] Custom sounds?

Randall Meadows randy.meadows at not-pc.com
Fri May 14 17:35:57 EDT 2021

On 14 May 2021, at 12:49, Bill Cole wrote:

> On 2021-05-14 at 13:32:48 UTC-0400 (Fri, 14 May 2021 11:32:48 -0600)
> Randall Meadows <mailmate at lists.freron.com>
> is rumored to have said:
>> Is there a way to configure Mailmate to use custom sounds (instead of 
>> only the stock system sounds) in the Counters prefpane?  (I really 
>> don't like the new sounds in Big Sur.)  Hidden preference/defaults?
> Does dropping a AIFF sound file in ~Library/Sounds/ make it available 
> on the Sound menu of the Counters preferences pane?

Yep, it does!  I tried to add them alongside the actual system sounds, 
but when that didn't work, my brain didn't bother to continue that train 
of thought and simply derailed...

Thank you, Bill!

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