[MlMt] Big Sur problem

Randall Meadows randy.meadows at not-pc.com
Thu May 13 21:51:19 EDT 2021

I just received a new machine; downloaded a new copy of MailMate (5673), 
but copied two items:
   • ~/Library/Application Support/MailMate
   • ~/Library/Preferences/com.freron.MailMate.plist
from my old computer (running Catalina) to this new one.

I'm now getting the message:
"Software Update Disabled
MailMate is running on a read-only filesystem and can therefore not be 

I don't believe this to be true (although this is my first experience 
with Big Sur 😡 so who knows) since the application itself lives in a 
folder in my home directory (~/Applications/, where I put *all* 
non-Apple applications, and I've not experienced any issues with those 

Any suggestions?


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