[MlMt] Migrating to Big Sur

davecc0000 davec2468 at gmail.com
Tue May 11 13:42:37 EDT 2021

Thanks Bill for your reply. Indeed that was the problem. I had checked the alias and suspecting it, “fixed” it myself (GetInfo>Original>let-monkey-loose-on-keyboard). I should have known better.

All set up on Big Sur now and running smoothly. Many thanks.


- - - 

> Most likely because ~/Library/Application Support/MailMate/Messages is (usually?) a symbolic link which points to the absolute full pathname of your actual message store and that path does not exist on the new system. If you had a "Custom Location" set for the Messages folder (in Preferences->General) you may be able to fix the problem by switching it off, restarting MM, and switching it back on. If you didn't have that set, you can recreate the default symlink with:
> ln -sfn ~/Library/Application\ Support/MailMate/Messages.noindex ~/Library/Application\ Support/MailMate/Messages

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