[MlMt] Keyboard shortcuts for message-only window in r5800 are not working

Mike Alexander mta at umich.edu
Sat May 8 19:02:31 EDT 2021

I think the problem is not keyboard shortcuts as such, but the next/previous command in single message windows. I've noticed that the next or previous message causes the next or previous message in the mailbox window (which does not have focus) to be selected but not opened.  Instead the currently opened message remains open.  This is true the first time you use next or previous message, subsequent attempts to use it do nothing.  This happens no matter how you trigger the action.

I suspect this is related to this item from the 5799 release notes: "Fixed: Some actions in the single message window did not work. (Fixing this involved some low level changes which might have unexpected side-effects.)"

FWIW I'm seeing this running 5802 on Mohave.


On 3 May 2021, at 11:22, Glenn Parker wrote:

> I’m running BigSur 11.2.3, and I thought I would try out the latest r5800 release (yes, I’m a glutton for punishment).
> I prefer a 2-pane configuration so I can open each message in a separate window. With a message window active, it seems like the keyboard navigation shortcuts (e.g. “j” for next message) do nothing. That’s a non-starter for me. :)
> Dialing back to r5798 restored the keyboard shortcuts.

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