[MlMt] Benny - no posts since March

Benny Kjær Nielsen mailinglist at freron.com
Sat May 8 14:22:09 EDT 2021

On 6 May 2021, at 23:30, Antonio Leding wrote:

> Hey everyone - has anyone else noticed that Benny hasn’t posted any messages since March?
> Fingers crossed they are OK…

I'm fine and I got really close to spending time on going through the mailing list emails of april (after handling direct feedback and issue tickets of April), but then some personal events (I repeat that I'm fine) meant I couldn't work as much as I would have liked to the past couple of weeks.

When I do have time I'm mainly working on fixing various crash bugs reported for recent test releases. Another one was fixed in today's test release (related to Edit as New Message). Everyone is welcome to enable sending crash reports in the Software Update preferences pane. This makes it easier for me to prioritize the most frequent issues.

Also note the blog post recommending recent test releases for Apple Silicon (M1) users: https://blog.freron.com/2021/universal-test-release-of-mailmate-available/

Users on older macOS releases (10.14 and older) should be more careful with the test releases. I've got at least one report about MailMate not working properly on 10.13 which I haven't had time to look into yet.

As always, thanks to all the MailMate users helping out on the mailing list!


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