[MlMt] Updating SpamSieve

Jan Erik Moström lists at mostrom.pp.se
Fri May 7 08:40:10 EDT 2021

On 6 May 2021, at 19:10, Antonio Leding wrote:

> Interesting - is there any reason why the CPU architecture would be a 
> factor here? Or is the thinking that the complete wipe was required 
> just due to normal cleanup and possibly a change to a new OS?

One thing that might be different (I have no knowledge of the actual 
architecture of M1 or Intel) is how data is aligned on word boundaries. 
If that is different and the code uses low level operation directly 
(like bit shifting) it might cause different results. I'm not saying 
that this is a problem, it's just an example of one thing that might 
cause problems.

= jem

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