[MlMt] Updating SpamSieve

Roger Sheen infotexture at gmail.com
Thu May 6 17:34:05 EDT 2021

On Wednesday, 2021-05-05, at 18:53 CEST, Jason Davies wrote:
> I … am about to completely give up on Spamsieve, which I've used since it first launched. … I suspect this is from my going from an old mac Pro on Mojave to an M1 Mac mini around Xmas.

I hit this issue around the same time, and spent good bit of time debugging  with help from both developers.

Turns out certain versions of MailMate (r5757) send empty message data to SpamSieve, so it can’t classify them properly.

The issue is resolved in later builds (as of r5782) and has been working fine for me ever since. For details, see:

Hope that helps,


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