[MlMt] Return-Path when sending message using an alias

Pete Resnick resnick at episteme.net
Mon Mar 29 14:46:03 EDT 2021

On 29 Mar 2021, at 8:14, Tom Kerswill wrote:

> Hi
> I used Gmail, and have that account set up in Mail Mate. I have a few 
> different "Send Mail As" entries in Gmail. I have entered these into 
> the mailbox properties in MailMate. I am then able to select one of 
> these From addresses.
> When I do this, Gmail rejects my message due to anti-spoofing.
> I compared the headers in the MailMate message, with one sent by the 
> web interface. I found that MailMate changes the "From" address to the 
> correct one. However, it seems to leave the "Return-Path" header set 
> to my default email address.
> Is there a way to have MailMate either not sent the Return-Path 
> header, or for that to match the From address?
> Thanks
> Tom

Remember, the Return-Path: header field is not added by MailMate; it is 
added by the receiving system, and uses the address that was in the MAIL 
FROM command in SMTP. So you're really asking what determines the MAIL 
FROM address in SMTP for MailMate. I can't figure out how to change 

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