[MlMt] Return-Path when sending message using an alias

Tom Kerswill tom at tomkerswill.co.uk
Mon Mar 29 09:14:20 EDT 2021


I used Gmail, and have that account set up in Mail Mate. I have a few 
different "Send Mail As" entries in Gmail. I have entered these into the 
mailbox properties in MailMate. I am then able to select one of these 
 From addresses.

When I do this, Gmail rejects my message due to anti-spoofing.

I compared the headers in the MailMate message, with one sent by the web 
interface. I found that MailMate changes the "From" address to the 
correct one. However, it seems to leave the "Return-Path" header set to 
my default email address.

Is there a way to have MailMate either not sent the Return-Path header, 
or for that to match the From address?



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