[MlMt] Keychain weirdness

Andrew Buc abuc at andrewbuc.com
Sat Mar 27 15:03:22 EDT 2021

Last night and this morning MM started refusing to sync with the IMAP server. I got various messages suggesting Keychain issues. I did some fooling around with the Keychain (don’t remember the exact steps), and MM started to sync with the server again. But I get the “keychain failure” dialog every time I open (cmd-O) an individual message, although I can open the message. I rebooted and re-downloaded MM (now om r 5673) earlier in this process. If I accidentally denied access for this application, how do I fix that? Am I right, MM wants the 16-character app p/w, not the p/w I use to log onto FastMail thru a web browser? Thank you.

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