[MlMt] Latest MM test release for Big Sur

Topher Buck mailmate at trbk.xyz
Fri Mar 26 00:12:44 EDT 2021

Can anyone tell me what version—e.g., r5737—I’ll get (today) if I 
download <MailMateBigSur.tbz> via the __direct link__ in the __Big Sur__ 
paragraph on https://freron.com/download/?

The Alt-“Check Now” option in Preferences > Software Update provides 
r5757 (again, as of today). If I’m running Big Sur but don’t want to 
live on the bleeding edge, which is the better option?

And if I should use <MailMateBigSur.tbz>, what do I need to know about 
installation? For example, once unzipped, will that file produce an 
installer package?

Thank you,

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