[MlMt] retiredAddressPattern troubles

Harp, Chad charp at sscinc.com
Sun Mar 21 10:20:40 EDT 2021

New MM user here. I’m struggling a bit with retiredAddressPattern. I have the following address config in Identities.plist:

emailAddresses = "charp at sscinc.com";
retiredAddressPattern = "[Cc][Ee][Hh]arp at dstsystems\\.com";

but when replying to a message with this header:

To: "Harp, Chad E" <CEHarp at dstsystems.com>

I’m still prompted to CC myself.

Do I need to also add ceharp at dstsystems.com to emailAddresses, or perhaps be broader with my regex to capture the angle bracket format?

Thanks for the help.
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