[MlMt] Question on IMAP mailboxes and rules from a MailMate newbie

Topher Buck mailmate at trbk.xyz
Tue Mar 16 13:30:01 EDT 2021

In general, I agree, but it’s not obvious to me that Fastmail’s 
labels and mailboxes--let alone MailMate tags--work much better in 
MailMate than Gmail’s. I’m sure this is one of those issues that 
seems, to a non-coder like me, like it should be simple but isn’t. 
(It’s also unclear to me whether Fastmail’s JMAP implementation has 
any effect on this.) I have taken to using the “Move to Mailbox” 
(⌥⌘T) command rather than tagging messages and trying to map 
MailMate tags to Fastmail labels.

If any experienced Fastmail users have better ideas, I’d love to hear 
them. Thank you.


On 15 Mar 2021, at 6:41, Robert Brenstein wrote:

> You may want to consider changing your paradigm a bit and instead of 
> using physical mailboxes for groups like friends and lists, you use 
> smart mailboxes. You may find that this gives you even more 
> flexibility and control over your mail streams. I am talking from 
> experience of using POP with Eudora for many many many years and 
> switching to IMAP and MailMate a few years ago.
> Robert

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