[MlMt] Endless beachball after 5-30 seconds

David Ledger MailMate at ivdcs.co.uk
Wed Mar 10 08:44:28 EST 2021

On 3/4/21 12:36 PM, David Ledger wrote:
> I'm Running MailMate on a 2011 11" MacBook Air under High Sierra 
> (highest it can go). 4GB memory. I think v5757.
> I've been using it for a few years now without serious problems. A few 
> months back, on switching to it with <cmd>Tab it would take a while to 
> become the foreground app, as if having to page in lots of stuff, but 
> taking maybe 30 seconds to a minute which is ridiculously long for a 
> page in but there's not much disk space. Activity Viewer would show it 
> as not responding.
> At the beginning of this week the disk filled and although I've cleared 
> out lots of space MailMate now never becomes responsive. Even overnight. 
> As usual, 'nothing I know of has changed' other than the disk space. 
> (Operations on another machine added holiday videos to Dropbox which 
> then copied onto the Air).
> I've rebooted a few times, re-installed the older version currently on 
> the website for High Sierra, started it from the command line with 
> 'open' and each time it works for somewhere between 5 and 30 seconds (it 
> varies) and then becomes unresponsive.
> I also have MailMate on a newer (but still old) Mac Mini that I can 
> access over VNC, and that works fine, so it's not a problem message on 
> the IMAP server. It must be something to do with the files on the Air.
> Because I get a lot of emails over four busy accounts and the size of 
> the Air screen I actually read my emails on my Dell laptop running 
> Ubuntu and using Thunderbird. The MailMate on the Air sits there mainly 
> doing filtering and spam marking. (oh for MailMate on Linux :-)).
> Does anyone have any pointers? Or will I have to delete the whole 
> installation (retaining the filters) and start again?
> David
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My most obvious difference between my working and non-working MailMates 
is that the latter does all of my filtering and has a huge one-line 
entry in Mailboxes.plist.

I thought I had seen a link to the Mailboxes.plist documentation on this 
list, but I've checked back over more than 12 months and can't find it. 
Can someone please give me that link.

I thought that the Mailboxes.plist sections I've seen here contain 
embedded newlines so that the format and contents are visibly 
parse-able, but that one entry is too complex to work out.


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