[MlMt] Endless beachball after 5-30 seconds

David Ledger MailMate at ivdcs.co.uk
Thu Mar 4 07:36:58 EST 2021

I'm Running MailMate on a 2011 11" MacBook Air under High Sierra 
(highest it can go). 4GB memory. I think v5757.

I've been using it for a few years now without serious problems. A few 
months back, on switching to it with <cmd>Tab it would take a while to 
become the foreground app, as if having to page in lots of stuff, but 
taking maybe 30 seconds to a minute which is ridiculously long for a 
page in but there's not much disk space. Activity Viewer would show it 
as not responding.

At the beginning of this week the disk filled and although I've cleared 
out lots of space MailMate now never becomes responsive. Even overnight. 
As usual, 'nothing I know of has changed' other than the disk space. 
(Operations on another machine added holiday videos to Dropbox which 
then copied onto the Air).

I've rebooted a few times, re-installed the older version currently on 
the website for High Sierra, started it from the command line with 
'open' and each time it works for somewhere between 5 and 30 seconds (it 
varies) and then becomes unresponsive.

I also have MailMate on a newer (but still old) Mac Mini that I can 
access over VNC, and that works fine, so it's not a problem message on 
the IMAP server. It must be something to do with the files on the Air.

Because I get a lot of emails over four busy accounts and the size of 
the Air screen I actually read my emails on my Dell laptop running 
Ubuntu and using Thunderbird. The MailMate on the Air sits there mainly 
doing filtering and spam marking. (oh for MailMate on Linux :-)).

Does anyone have any pointers? Or will I have to delete the whole 
installation (retaining the filters) and start again?


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