[MlMt] Easiest way to attach a message as an EML attachment to an already existing draft?

Charlie Garrison charlie-lists at garrison.com.au
Tue Mar 9 17:21:13 EST 2021

On 9 Mar 2021, at 18:10, leo wrote:

> Sometimes I want to send a few messages as EML attachments to another 
> email address. I can easily send  _one_  message via
> `Message —> Forward as Attachment`
> This creates a draft with the EML attached. However I have no idea how 
> to easily attach a  _second_  message as EML to that first draft.

I don't use that feature, but I think you want to do this:

- in list view, select the multiple messages you want to forward
- then do `Message —> Forward as Attachment`

Does that achieve what you want to do?



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