[MlMt] The ‘Type’ column in Rules

Jolin Warren jolinwarren+mailmate at oakandapple.org
Mon Mar 1 06:33:47 EST 2021

On 28 Feb 2021, at 15:07, Eric Sharakan wrote:
> I always assumed 'C' means condition and 'A' means action. Given that 
> most rules include both, you usually see "C A".

That is so obvious now you say it! And I confirmed this is indeed the 

![](cid:F4CBA360-6980-4908-A54E-1276B01C8476 at oakandapple.org 

This raises another question for me, though: what would be the point of 
a condition-only or action-only rule? Can anyone think of how these 
might be used? I’m wondering if I’m missing out on a better workflow 
because I’m thinking of rules as I’ve always used them.

Thanks again!

=> Jolin

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