[MlMt] Deleting messages once and for all?; 2FA

Roger Bohn Rbohn at ucsd.edu
Sun Jun 20 20:31:58 EDT 2021

Short version: Is there a secret preference or other mechanism to “Delete” a message so that it immediately gets deleted from the server?

## Longer version: Delete a message in a single step??
* When a message is deleted (backspace key) in Mailmate, it goes into a “Deleted Messages” folder. There it sits, indefinitely.
* Messages in this folder have not yet been deleted from the mail server. A separate step is required to delete from it
	* Therefore, they 	still show up in my iPad and phone mailboxes.
* this provides protection against accidental deletion, but in many cases I don’t want this protection.

 Is there a way to get a message deleted from the server in a single step, without its sitting in limbo in a “Deleted” folder? I can’t find any mention of “delete” in the documentation.

## Duo 2-factor authentication = not a problem
Following up on my message a few weeks ago. UCSD implemented 2-factor authentication for email. I had zero trouble with MM. But strangely enough my iPad email stopped working - apparently a surprise to UCSD IT’s department as well.

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