[MlMt] Markdown / HTML Tables

TJ Luoma luomat at gmail.com
Wed Jun 9 22:06:05 EDT 2021

I have a nice shell script that will take a Zoom invite and format it into
something much nicer using a Markdown table.

The only problem is that Mailmate makes the table as narrow as possible,
which often leads to the text in each column of the table being 'squished'

I would really like to be able to adjust the Table width of Markdown
tables. A little cellpadding / cellspacing / margin would go a long way to
making it more readable.

I found some previous discussions of this on the list, but no real way to
do it. Is that still not possible?

~ Tj

p.s. - Also, maybe it's just my eyes, but I can barely tell any
difference between the various "Themes" offered in the Composer
preferences. Could there be one with slightly larger font sizes for
recipients with older eyes?
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