[MlMt] Conditional (per account/per sender/recipient) behavior - PGP and images

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Wed Jun 9 11:02:19 EDT 2021

On 30 May 2021, at 17:58, Bill Cole wrote:

> On 2021-05-30 at 01:53:46 UTC-0400 (Sun, 30 May 2021 07:53:46 +0200)
> Patrik Fältström via mailmate <mailmate at lists.freron.com>
> is rumored to have said:
>> As MM is already doing some guessing/decision making on what are downloads and what are trackers,
> Where do you see "guessing" happening?

The 1.x test releases include a setting to block known trackers. The “known” part is where the guessing comes into play and it's currently based on a list of patterns included with MailMate (although it's designed to become more flexible/configurable).

To be clear, the word “known” is very important since there's no way MailMate can know that something is a tracking pixel. MailMate does warn specifically when a 1x1 pixel has been downloaded, but this warning also includes a comment emphasizing that any image could be used for tracking purposes.

The only way to be safe from tracking is to block everything, but most users would not want to do that and therefore it makes sense to block the most obvious attempts to do tracking.

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