[MlMt] How can I tell MM to NOT retrieve mail?

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>>> On 26 May 2021, at 22:25, Jo wrote:
>>> My husband is a contractor, and I'm the one who does the QuickBooks stuff for him, which includes emailing invoices and estimates. I use his email for this. But I don't want to RECEIVE his email.
>> That's a bit unusual, but read on below.
>>> I have his account set to synchronize manually, but it still seems to snag them. Is it because I occasionally click on my general 'inbox' folder?
>> Yes, manually just means that MailMate won't fetch emails unless you somehow interact with the mailbox (selecting it, moving emails to it, etc.).
>>> How can I fix it such that it won't receive?
>> You can take the INBOX of the account specifically offline using “Mailbox ▸ Take Offline”. Or you can take the entire account offline, but then your sent emails won't be uploaded to the “Sent Messages” mailbox of the account.
>> But note that it can be a bit hard to see what's going on if some mailboxes are offline, e.g., if you move something from/to an offline mailbox within the account then MailMate cannot synchronize this move with the server, but it'll still look like it was moved in MailMate.
> Another solution is to unsubscribe from everything except the "Sent" mailbox.
> MM supports a client-side subscription list so you don't interfere with what the server says is subscribed. Edit IMAP Account->Edit Subscriptions... Check "Ignore server subscription state for private namespaces" and uncheck everything in the "Client" column that you don't ever want to see.
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