[MlMt] how do I convince MM that my one friend doesn't belong in the junk folder?

Jo rocklily at comcast.net
Thu Jul 29 12:14:49 EDT 2021

I'm on a mailing list with some friends - a google group, much like this 

Most of the messages that arrive show the person's name (user name) and 
email address in the 'from' field, occasionally, just an email address. 
But I've noticed that one person is showing her name in quotes followed 
by 'via nameofgroup <nameofgroup at googlegroups.com>' and THOSE messages 
are ending up in my junk folder every time, regardless of how many times 
I mark it as not junk and tell spam sieve to reevaluate, etc. The group 
address IS in my address book, too.

This is recent, this group has existed for many years, and she didn't 
use to end up in junk, so I don't know what changed, and she's fairly 
technically challenged so it's hard to pin her down on anything she may 
be doing differently. She's mostly responding to messages on her iPhone, 
if that makes a difference (although others are doing that as well).


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