[MlMt] next message is auto-marked read

Shoshanna Green shoshannag at gmail.com
Tue Jul 27 08:41:39 EDT 2021

On 27 Jul 2021, at 7:07, Rob McBroom wrote:

> On 26 Jul 2021, at 15:53, Shoshanna Green wrote:
>> I use the two-panel layout, opening messages in a separate window. When I move or delete a message that is open in its own window, the message that is then newly selected in the messages list gets marked as read, even though it has never been opened. (This doesn't happen if I move or delete a message from the message list without opening it in its own window.) I'm sure I've seen this misbehavior before, but I can't remember what I did about it...help?
> I have the same setup and see this same bug. My theory is that the next message is selected _before_ the message window closes instead of after, causing it to be opened for a split second.
> Until this is fixed, what I’ve done is enable the setting to “Mark messages as read after 1.5 seconds”. That causes them to be marked as read when I actually open them, but not when they get selected for a split-second. Of course, you can tweak the delay to find what works for you.

Hm, good to know that I'm not the only person with this problem, but that solution isn't working for me, even with the mark-as-read delay set as high as 3 seconds; the next-selected message is still marked read the instant that it's selected.

I forgot to say that this is happening on my shiny new M1 iMac running Big Sur, but *not* on my old 2017 machine running High Sierra. (The mark-as-read delay is set to 0.1 sec on both machines.) It may also be relevant that if I open a message in a new window, hit DELETE to delete it, and then hit command-Z to undo, the deletion is undone but the next message is not set back to unread, even if I hit UNDO several times.

Shoshanna Green
shoshannag at gmail.com

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