[MlMt] next message is auto-marked read

Rob McBroom mailinglist0 at skurfer.com
Tue Jul 27 07:07:26 EDT 2021

On 26 Jul 2021, at 15:53, Shoshanna Green wrote:

> I use the two-panel layout, opening messages in a separate window. 
> When I move or delete a message that is open in its own window, the 
> message that is then newly selected in the messages list gets marked 
> as read, even though it has never been opened. (This doesn't happen if 
> I move or delete a message from the message list without opening it in 
> its own window.) I'm sure I've seen this misbehavior before, but I 
> can't remember what I did about it...help?

I have the same setup and see this same bug. My theory is that the next 
message is selected _before_ the message window closes instead of after, 
causing it to be opened for a split second.

Until this is fixed, what I’ve done is enable the setting to “Mark 
messages as read after 1.5 seconds”. That causes them to be marked as 
read when I actually open them, but not when they get selected for a 
split-second. Of course, you can tweak the delay to find what works for 

Rob McBroom
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