[MlMt] Is there a shortcut to add a rule based on the currently selected message (similar to Gmail's "Filter messages like these" feature)?

Benny Kjær Nielsen mailinglist at freron.com
Sun Jul 25 02:55:09 EDT 2021

On 10 Jun 2021, at 6:00, Gale Pao wrote:

> What would be just that little bit better for my workflow, however, is if I could immediately trigger the creation of a new rule based on the currently selected message.

Sorry, MailMate cannot do this.

> Anyway, I'd appreciate any of your collective wisdom on the matter (including alternative workflows!).

It might not be the best workflow if you end up with hundreds of rules/conditions. They are hard to maintain in the long run. Alternatively, consider if a more general set of mailboxes could be used for archival (or maybe tagging) and then use the “Submailboxes” feature to dynamically organize the emails by, e.g., sender. Possibly, in combination with some smart mailboxes. Alternatively, use searching when you need to find something.


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