[MlMt] Messages (apparently) fetched from an Exchange server don't appear in the MM UI

Terry Jones terry at jon.es
Fri Jul 23 01:53:43 EDT 2021

Hi all

I searched the archives for an answer to this but didn't see one. Apologies if I've missed it.  I'm trying/hoping to switch to MM, and so far so good. I have added a couple of servers and can send/receive email with no problem. But I also have a work account that I need to use, and it's unfortunately an MS Exchange IMAP server (version 15.1). I added a source for it to MM and the IMAP conversation with the server seems to work, but no messages show up. By this I mean that in the "Sources" list in the left-hand pane (three panes View) I can see the source, but unlike the other two it does not show a message count. If I click on the > next to the source name, I can see a list of folders which looks right, but again with no message count shown (there’s a screenshot at http://jon.es/other/mailmate.png and the Charité source is the problematic one). When I open the log using Command-option-0, I can see MM is talking to the server and apparently fetching messages (log file at http://jon.es/other/mailmate.log ). So it looks like things are working ok, but no messages are shown in the MM UI.

The only thing I can think of (which seems so implausible I haven't even tested it), is that I have an Exchange rule to forward all my emails to another address, but the messages are also left on the server. I can see them in Outlook, so they are definitely there, which the log file seems to confirm.

Am I overlooking something obvious here? Thanks for any help.

Terry Jones

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