[MlMt] Skull πŸ’€ emoji in the From header

Glenn Parker glenn.parker at comcast.net
Sun Jan 31 11:46:28 EST 2021

On 30 Jan 2021, at 20:32, mlmt at rhp.tw wrote:

> Thank you everyone for the answers. Now that I know the reason, I 
> think it is a great feature.

FYI if you change your mind about this feature, you can disable it with 
the following command from a Terminal:

      defaults write com.freron.MailMate MmNospoofSymbolDisabled -bool 

I found it distracting to always have a screen full of skulls because of 
the way my mailing lists presents senders’ addresses. Not every day is 
Halloween! πŸ‘» Some other more subtle symbol (say the ꩜ emoji) would 
work better.

Glenn P. Parker
glenn.parker at comcast.net
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